QUIZLET Vocab Test January 10th

classification/classify-   A process of grouping organisms into taxonomic levels based on shared characteristics and genetic relationships.

genus-   A group of species that share specific characteristics and are related.

Unit E (Ecology) Test dates

I have noticed a number of students that did a great job on their test today. If you check HAC you'll see that I gave the students with a perfect score an extra bonus point for their effort.
I wanted all parents and guardians to know also, if they didn't get a perfect score they will have another opportunity to take the same test on Monday, October 14, 2013.

I want to remind everyone that I will post the test dates for the Ecology unit on my board next week or you can see them here:

Key Vocab For Studying People Scientifically

Vocabulary: Studying People Scientifically

hypothesis A possible explanation for observations, facts, or events, that may be tested, verified, or answered by further investigation.

Standards and Test Taking Skills

Today we added 2 sheets to our lab binder. The first was all of the standards we will learn this year. They also got a sheet on how to take a test. Both will be used throughout the year. Please take some time and check them out. I'll post them here soon.

Skills Lab

 Today we learned how to get to our book online and where to find vocabulary words on quizlet.com. 

'13-'14 Outline




Mr. Verash

South Bend History tied to Science

Today we talked about using water energy and I talked about traveling along the St. Joe and Kanakakee Rivers and how the the Studebaker's and Oliver's used the dam to transfer energy. You can follow this links to learn a litte about local history: 



ALL the web sites we have/will use.

 There are a lot of students that have shown interest in learning more, so I thought I'd share all of my 6th grade science web sites. Obviously we don't use all of them, but there are a lot that you can use to prepare for ISTEP. I included interactive tornados and weather. If you find any great sites that are relevant to Physical Science please e-mail the site using an adults e-mail. If you like this homepage and web sites e-mail me, using an adults e-mail. kverash@phm.k12.in.us

'13-'14 Essential Web Sites


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